Américo Coelho Relvas, Sucrs., S.A. | SUSTAINABILITY


Energy sustainability.

The company has implemented policies to minimize its impact on the environment and is certified under the ISO 14001 standard.

Among the many environmental sustainability measures, we highlight the production of photovoltaic energy, which since 2017 has provided half of the energy consumed

Recycling and reusing.

Américo Coelho Relvas’ most important products are based on recyclable metals, using decorations with reduced environmental impact.

The machinery used allows for resource optimization and maximum reduction of material waste.

Our people.

Our value lies in knowledge, dedication, and stability, making the protection of our team the foundation of our success. Social sustainability represents a pillar of our actions.

Therefore, Américo Coelho Relvas has implemented the ISO 45001 standard to ensure the safety and health of its employees.

Our future.

In a family business, we live with an eye on the future. Financial sustainability ensures the continuation of our legacy for future generations.

An ambitious yet measured management approach has allowed us to write 90 years of history in vastly different economic and social contexts.

This adaptability to change and accumulated learning have provided financial stability, making Américo Coelho Relvas a desirable partner and employer.

In a family business, where we act in our own name, ethics and trust play a particularly significant role.