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There is no substitute for experience. Only it allows for experimentation, overcoming challenges, and the engagement that results in reliability and innovation.

More than just understanding our own product, at Américo Coelho Relvas, we aim to understand our customers’ products so that the capsules we produce reflect the quality of the product they protect.

Our decades-long proximity to customers enables us to understand their products and market needs.

Quality and Certification.

In every solution, we invest in the best materials and technologies, driven not only by the quality of the finish but also by performance that ensures the preservation of the qualities of the bottled product. By adapting each method and material to the available budget, Américo Coelho Relvas never ceases to pursue perfection in each segment, ensuring the best product and process in close alignment with the client’s goals.

We are a company perfectly adapted to the requirements of the national and international markets, having even created an integrated management system in the areas of Quality ISO 9001, Environment ISO 14001, Food Safety ISO 22000 (covering only the Relcap Closures sector), and Occupational Health and Safety ISO 45001. Innovation and quality are the guiding principles of our company’s structure.


Even the most traditional products benefit from technological advancements. In this field, like others, technology enables optimization of time and material and human resources, benefiting costs and helping to achieve the client’s ambitions.

The industrial equipment at Américo Coelho Relvas has advanced quality control technologies, such as 360-degree computer vision.

What is Relcap Premium?

Intelligent closure using our DDS system: Dynamic Double Seal
Is the result of a 5-year study which final result brings modernity to tradition for wine bottle closures: an aluminum cap with a natural cork liner.

Nature and Engineering, partners for Innovation.

RelcapPremium capsules are made with the same high quality aluminum used in all our different screwcap product ranges.
The cork liner that integrates the Relcap Premium capsule is manufactured with micro-agglomerate cork, made from fine and carefully selected raw material.

A product that just "pops".

Our Relcap Premium capsules are truly something. Marrying the ease of use of a capsule with the cork liner brings an extra bit of magic with it: when extracted, you hear the beloved and typical “pop” associated with the cork being pulled from the bottle.

Fearlessly hydrophobic.

The surface of our cork liners shows great hidrophobicity performance. You can notice it by the shape of liquid drops placed on its surface: almost spherical drops, while the surface remains dry.

Keep the good IN and the bad OUT.

Relcap Premium proved to be the most consistent closure through a series of conducted tests, with reduced visual oxidation, impressive sensory neutrality (even under stress conditions) and extending the shelf life of wine. It doesn’t even need a new application process – it uses the same equipment as standard capsules!

An amazing new addition to our Family.

In summary, Relcap Premium is nothing short of a revolution. It combines the best aluminum closure with the best cork seal, it is practical, effortless, does not require new equipment to apply – and it even “pops“.


Over the years, Américo Coelho Relvas, Sucrs. S.A. has dedicated resources to develop innovative and improved solutions that meet the most challenging customers’ needs with practical, versatile and reliable options.

This time we introduced cork special designed liner with stunning sealing and wine conservation results.