Américo Coelho Relvas, Sucrs., S.A. | ABOUT US


Since 1932.

Since 1932, we preserve what is good. Not only the content of our customers’ bottles, but also the values and robustness of a family business that has spanned generations and dealt with different economic realities and global organization.


Opening a bottle is a ritual. An act filled with attention and anticipation.

At Américo Coelho Relvas, we work to integrate that moment by matching the capsule to the content, through touch, functionality and appearance.

The Capsules.

Américo Coelho Relvas was born for the production and sale of sparkling wine corks, but the entrepreneurial spirit and openness to technological solutions led the company to complement that product with the production of capsules, which would eventually become its main activity.


Américo Coelho Relvas is characterized by its agility in adapting to different realities, technologies and markets, resulting from extensive learning and a simple management structure based on proximity to the customer.